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    Documaker Studio - Check Box


      Is there any way to put Check Box to the document created in Documaker Studio (12.1)? I look through documentation and found only field format:

      m - Accepts an X or a space (used for a check box)

      But not any reference how to insert check box to the document.

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          Hi Sergey,

          If all you need is an actual check box on a document, insert a text label or text area that uses one of the DocuDings font items, and input an "o". It will render as a nice box.

          Example: http://i.imgur.com/eVQWYqI.jpg


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            Thanks for response.

            1) I need not just box (I can put the real box there), but checkbox that I can check/uncheck base on input data and also allow to user edit it in WIP editor.

            2) I don't have those DocuDings fonts. How I can install them?

            Thanks again,
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              The only method of creating a check box to be used in the Plug-in is to create box (or use the DocuDings font like Andy explained) and place a field over the box where the field type is set to "X or space".

              This will require the user to enter an "X" opposed to simply clicking the box.

              - Tim
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                It will not work since our documents content depens from user or db inputs. You never know where such box will be on a page (at least vertically). Or I have to move field with x, every time when I creating the page (I am not sure if I can do this)
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                  As suggested the closest thing to an actual checkbox is the field with the type "X or Space".
                  It is unclear from your response how the position of the field impacts this decision.