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    DAPMARGIN settings

      We are having some very interesting issues with DAPMARGIN settings in our forms. We develop using Documaker Studio 11.5.4, and I can't say that I have noticed this problem in prior versions (though that doesn't mean it was not present). Can someone explain to me what DAPMARGIN is supposed to accomplish? I assume it has something to do with margin settings inside sections, but we set all of our margins to 0 inside the sections, and somehow values other than 0 are being carried over into the form. For example, a section in a form when viewed as XML reads as follows:

      <SECTION NAME="PC_SBP_INT_75542_04-10_BODY2">
           <DAPOPTIONS VALUE="FDS"/>
           <DAPCORD TOP="4428" LEFT="0" BOTTOM="4764" RIGHT="20400"/>
           <DAPMARGIN TOP="0" LEFT="0" BOTTOM="*1800*" RIGHT="0"/>
           <PAPERSIZE VALUE="336,20400"/>
           <FORMIMGRULE NAME="SetOrigin" DATA="REL+0,MPG+300"/>

      As you can see, the bottom value of 1800 is present (though I see nowhere this is editable in DM Studio), and results in some very ugly whitespace issues when a section is set to 'can grow'. The only way I have determined to fix this is to open the form as a text/XML file, set the DAPMARGIN values to 0, and check the resource in. I don't know what we are doing that causes this issue, and I don't know of a cleaner way to fix it. For my money, those could always be 0s and I'd be thrilled :)

      Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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          Hi Tony,

          Using Studio itself you can change the value to reflect that of the section (0 here). You just need to checkout the FOR and "save" it first (ctrl+s) and then check-in. This will refresh the FOR file.
          This 'save' action will hold good when alignment is not reflecting properly in table etc.

          Thank you,
          Sruthi Jayasimhan
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            Mr Peabody-Oracle
            The margins in the Form (FOR) file are overridden by what is defined in tha actual section when it loads. So unless the section is embedded in the FOR (which your XML does not seem to confirm), what you see in the FOR file is not relevant. When the section loads from the library, the margin values you see there will be changed to match what is actually defined in the section (FAP).

            The margins are assigned in the Section and can be set differently for all 4 edges. If you don't want margings then, check the section out and notice the "Common margins" property near the top of the list. This is a drop-down where you can select "No margins" and this will set all sides to 0.

            When you go to create a new section, we create it with the same margins as the last section you edited. So, once you have corrected the ones in error to have zero margins, then any newly created sections will default to 0 as well. That is unless you are creating the sections via some conversion process where the margin might be applied based upon the original document.
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              I have found that the DAPMARGIN settings are very relevant when dealing with overflowing sections using rel/max positioning; if the DAPMARGIN setting has a value for the bottom that doesn't necessarily correspond with the actual bottom of the section, the pagination is wildly inaccurate (to the tune of printing one 0.2" tall section per page and nothing else).

              All of the cases I am referring to have common margin settings of 0 for all four values, which is why it is distressing to see 0 values when viewing the section in Documaker Studio, and then seeing different values when viewing the form using a text/XML editor.

              The fact that the margin value is sticky is helpful, thank you for that. I will make sure the developers check those values when they are creating new sections, and we'll have to test to see if that is what continues to propogate this issue.