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    Pivot table total values differ if I remove few columns

      Hi All,

      I have a report which is for 40 columns say Report 1. I tried to create recreate the same report by deleting few columns so that I would reteive the results faster say report 2 but I kept same filters in both the reports and I created report in Pivot table view. When the I check the results of both reports, total value gets differ.

      I am sure I removed the columns which shouldn't affected the Pivot Table, filters, or data. So the Total should be the same, I did not remove columns that would have affected the query or filters. At the end of the day, the Criteria Tab is just a pivot, so we should be able to display the information any what that it looks best to use, but the total value should reconcile (be the same).

      Any idea why...
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          You removed the few columns which are not related to calculations and filters but the when the server doing the calculations,the combination of the total records may change because of these few columns.Check whether both the reports have the same criteria in the pivot table view properties.

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            Hi Aari,

            If the removed columns are coming for a different dimension then it would change the complete logic of the report. The best option is to analyze the physical sql's generated between 2 reports. The other reason what I can think of is removed columns might be forcing an outer join conditions and taking them out would impact the measures. Of any option the physical sql's should be able to answer that question.

            Let me know if this helped.