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    All different type of documents need to produce in Oracle app SDLC

      Hi All,

      Actually i am bit new with Oracle app development. Earlier i use to working in Java development where we use to produce following documents during the project life cycle.

      1. Functional Specification Document
      2. High Level Design Document
      3. Low Level Design Document
      4. Implementation Document
      5. Test cases Document

      I am just wondering what all different type of documents we have to produce in Oracle app development life cycle. Is it the same as java development.

      Could anyone please help here, any help will be highly appreciated.

      Regards Royal
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          That depends totally on you and or the company you work for. I've worked for several different companies and the project life cycle methods used have been different for each place. Some wanting more documentation - some want just the minimum necessary, and I even worked at a place that didn't care if there was any documenation at all. Needless to say, I didn't work there long because it was a very frustrating work environment. ;)

          Anyway, as I said, it really depends on what project life cycle method you or your company wants you to use. All five levels of documenation could be applied to a Forms application depending on how in-depth you or your company want to manage the life of your Forms app.