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    How to set up notification email for Full CPU utilization on OEM12c?

      I have found a Oracle Doc,Is that's the way email notifications are setup?How can i check that after setting the notifications? Subscribe to Receive E-mail for Incident Rules

      An incident rule is a user-defined rule that specifies the criteria by which notifications should be sent for specific events that make up the incident. An incident rule set, as the name implies, consists of one or more rules associated with the same incident.

      When creating an incident rule, you specify criteria such as the targets you are interested in, the types of events to which you want the rule to apply. Specifically, for a given rule, you can specify the criteria you are interested in and the notification methods (such as e-mail) that should be used for sending these notifications. For example, you can set up a rule that when any database goes down or any database backup job fails, e-mail should be sent and the "log trouble ticket" notification method should be called. Or you can define another rule such that when the CPU or Memory Utilization of any host reach critical severities, SNMP traps should be sent to another management console. Notification flexibility is further enhanced by the fact that with a single rule, you can perform multiple actions based on specific conditions. Example: When monitoring a condition such as machine memory utilization, for an incident severity of 'warning' (memory utilization at 80%), send the administrator an e-mail, if the severity is 'critical' (memory utilization at 99%), page the administrator immediately.

      You can subscribe to a rule you have already created.

      From the Setup menu, select Incidents, then select Incident Rules.

      On the Incident Rules - All Enterprise Rules page, click on the rule set containing incident escalation rule in question and click Edit... Rules are created in the context of a rule set.

      Note: In the case where there is no existing rule set, create a rule set by clicking Create Rule Set... You then create the rule as part of creating the rule set.

      In the Rules section of the Edit Rule Set page, highlight the escalation rule and click Edit....
      Navigate to the Add Actions page.
      Select the action that escalates the incident and click Edit...