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    Automated Row Fetch  Issue

      I have a form based on a table where i have 2 keys as primary key (col1,col2)==>composite pk.
      sample values are like:
      col1 col2
      1 21
      2 21
      62 21
      62 1

      But issue is at the point where the automatic row fetching is getting executed
      [Automated Row Processing section on edit page]
      Primary column value is col1(only one column is allowed in apex Auto row fetch)
      Secondary key column is col2.

      For ex, when i access the row for col1=62, it fetches 2 rows where value=62 (based on col1)
      and i get error;
      (exact fetch returns more than 1 row)

      How to avoid this

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          Matthew Morris
          Setting the proper page item in the Item Containing Secondary Key Column Value field and proper table column name in the Secondary Key Column of the row fetch screen should work. My off-the-cuff guess would be that either one of those fields does not have the correct value, or when you are branching to this page that the page item containing the secondary key is not being populated.