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    Table never gets populated inside popup window on customer's site

      I'm working on application in ADF (ADF BC, ADF Faces) with JDeveloper (application deployed on customer's site in Weblogic Server 10.3.6)
      and in one page I'm having a button behind which is a code to execute a query against a table whose data is going to be shown in popup window.
      Query limits the number of records to be shown to 100 (in query: rownum <= 100).
      In my development environment this works fine, but there is a problem on customer's site.
      For the query to execute it takes about 20 seconds at the site of customer. After that in backing bean there is a code to show popup.
      In the page - popup starts showing (it means that query ended) but never fetching data in the table (all the time there is a message - "Fetching data" like framework is retrieving it but nothing happens).
      I have tested a query in SQL*plus - it returns data.

      I couldn't find out what is the reason for such behaviour.

      Do you have any suggestions what to try?