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    Scripting in Siebel Open UI


      My customer is upgrading to and wants to use Open UI, but they have discovered that Browser Scripts no longer work in Open UI.

      They have only 1 script. It is a script that causes the Siebel Thread to end when the end user closes the IE Browser.

      Here is the script.

      function Application_PreInvokeMethod (name, inputPropSet) {
      // Requirement is to close the browser window on applicaion logout.

      if(name=="Logoff") {
      var wGen = window.top;
      return ("CancelOperation");
      return ("ContinueOperation");

      Open UI doesn't support Browser Script. It supports a 'new JAva API'. I have found the Logout Method in the Configuring Siebel Open UI, page 213.

      I can't find an Event that I can connect a logout function from. Does anyone know of one?

      Roy Chesnut