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    OBIEE 11g: Blocking Analysis

      I was working on setting up Blocking Analysis, I read up on this in the Oracle documentation at...


      I originally setup a javascript file and a CustomMessages folder for the XML, restarted the OBIEE components. And it did NOT work.

      So I decided to just do the simplest piece. I went into the answerstemplates.xml (Made a backup of Original File) file at Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\msgdb\messages and changed the Query Blocking call from True to show a Message. Below is what I updated it too (I replaced the HTML tags with the [] characters):

      [WebMessage name="kuiCriteriaBlockingScript" translate="no"][HTML[script type="text/javascript"]function validateAnalysisCriteria(analysisXml)
      return "Pick Another Subject Area!"; // by default, no checking is done

      So the original text was set to return True.

      This is all I did, in my mind any query that a user attempts to run should get the message.

      I restarted all of the OBIEE components. Ran a query and data was returned. No message.

      Has anyone implemented this successfullly? I feel I am doing the easiest change to validate the expected behaviour and it still does not behave as expected.
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          This part of code I'm not clear from your post, make sure you follow as said in the doc.

          <script type="text/javascript" src="fmap:myblocking.js" />

          If need send me email with files to validate
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            Thanks for the update but if you look in the answerstemplates XML file by deafult the Javascript is part of the document (called out with the Script tag). I tried it by calling the javascript saved in the folder analyticsres but didn't work.

            With that being said, I am just doing what is done out of the box. Excpet I am changing the script within the xml file so that it defaults to a Message Box instead of True (Allow all queries to run).
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              Try this
              <HTML><script type="text/javascript">
              "Pick Another Subject Area!"

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                Srini, if you look at my original post, that is what I have, except I have the semi-colon after the message. In regards to the file, the only file I have updated is the answerstemplates.xml file.

                Search for kuiCriteriaBlockingScript in that file. out of the box OBIEE 11g sets the return value to TRUE. I am replacing TRUE with a message "Pick Another Subject Area!" (See the original Post) in that xml file.

                Have you tried ths in your environment and it is working? I am on
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                  Hyder Mehtawala

                  I tried this on (on IE7) and it seems to be working fine. As mentioned, I just changed the return statement from return true to return "some message" and it behaved as expected. i.e. As soon as I click on the Results tab, I get the custom message.

                  After making the changes in answerstemplates.xml file, I restarted only the Presentation services from EM, cleared browser cache and validated the change.

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                    Thanks HM, then I am lost. As I am doing the same exact thing in the answerstemplates for the WebMessage "kuiCriteriaBlockingScript"

                    Changing the following line from

                    return true;


                    return "Pick a Subject Area";

                    I am on IE 8 and have tried this in and in (We are in the process of moving to this version). I updated the answerstemplates file in the messages folder, restarted Presentation Services. Cleared browser cache.

                    I am able to run ad-hoc queries and get results with no custom message.