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    Datagaurd Log_archive_config

      Hi All,

      Is log_archive_config parameter mandatory parameter to specify in Dataguard configiration.
      I have set up a DR without specifying this parameter and it works fine with no problem whatsoever.

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          Its recommended to set to this parameter
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            No. ( the short simple answer )

            It has a default like many other parameters :


            The default works fine for Data Guard. ( 'SEND, RECEIVE, NODG_CONFIG' )

            Oracle docs say "Highly recommended." See chapter 14 for details - E10700-02

            However if you run in Maximum Availability you will probably be glad you can it set. Add the database unique names of the other databases. By setting it you can avoid many issues in a RAC setup.

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              why ?
              * Automatic Repair of Corrupt Data Blocks*
              If a corrupt data block is discovered on a physical standby database, the server attempts to automatically repair the corruption by obtaining a copy of the block from the primary database if the following database initialization parameters are configured on the standby database:

              The LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG parameter is configured with a DG_CONFIG list and a LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter is configured for the primary database.


              The FAL_SERVER parameter is configured and its value contains an Oracle Net service name for the primary database
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                Hi Msberg,

                Thanks, I will do that.

                Are you saying, this parameter is not mandatory for datagaurd configuration and if we do not set it it does not have any adverse repercussions.

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                  Hello again;

                  What I'm trying to say is on RAC it is very important. On Non-RAC, single Primary and Standby you should not see any adverse repercussions if you don't set it.

                  It's important on RAC because of the the extra pieces to that setup.

                  Best Regards

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                    Hi Msberg,

                    Thanks, It is clear now.