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    JDeveloper 11g + bc4j.xcfg Connection Definition

      When EJBs (and remoteable Application Modules are deployed) there is a t3:// url for weblogic created. In a client, you can programmatically connect via the following:

      env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "t3://");

      or, to multiple nodes/servers:

      env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "t3://,");

      However, using application module bc4j.xcfg files, they are identified by:

      <ConnectionDefinition name="IntegratedWebLogicServer">
      <Entry value="7101" name="HTTP_PORT"/>
      <Entry value="7102" name="JMX_CONNECTOR_SSL_PORT"/>
      <Entry value="WebLogic_10.x" name="ConnectionType"/>
      <Entry value="weblogic" name="user"/>
      <Entry value="DefaultDomain" name="weblogic.domain"/>
      <Entry value="" name="JMX_CONNECTOR_HOST"/>
      <Entry value="7102" name="HTTPS_PORT"/>
      <Entry value="7101" name="JMX_CONNECTOR_PORT"/>
      <SecureEntry name="password">
      <Entry name="DeployPassword" value="true"/>

      I have tried adding an entry for URL:

      <Entry name="URL" value="t3://,"/>

      and also via a


      value on the <Custom part of the AppModuleConfig section. Neither of these are working to tell the application which t3 url to use. Since it's autocreated, I've tried putting:

      <Entry value="7101+8001" name="JMX_CONNECTOR_PORT"/>

      with no luck:

      Caused by: java.rmi.ConnectException: No known valid port for: 'Default[t3]:t3(t3):null:-1:'; No available router to destination
           at weblogic.rjvm.ConnectionManager.bootstrap(ConnectionManager.java:470)
           at weblogic.rjvm.ConnectionManager.bootstrap(ConnectionManager.java:321)
           at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMManager.findOrCreateRemoteInternal(RJVMManager.java:254)
           at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMManager.findOrCreate(RJVMManager.java:197)
           at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMFinder.findOrCreateRemoteServer(RJVMFinder.java:238)
           at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMFinder.findOrCreateInternal(RJVMFinder.java:200)

      Can anyone help me to identify a way to customize the t3 url of an application module so that i can connect to multiple nodes?
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          So, i solved this by recreating oracle.jbo.client.remote.ejb.wl.WLEJBAmHomeImpl, and used a pre-formed provider url if it exists:

          String siteURL = null;
          if (env.get("java.naming.provider.url.override") != null) {
          siteURL = (String) env.get("java.naming.provider.url.override");
          } else {
          siteURL = new StringBuilder().append("t3://").append(host).append(port != -1 ? new StringBuilder().append(":").append(port).toString() : "").toString();