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    Migration of web content from dev to test

      Hi All,
      i have posted this question some days back, now we have some other problem so some more queries please provide your guidance.

      --> we did CMU and folder(structure alone) migration.
      --> we migrated all content (most are web site related file , data file native files).
      after migration got successful we checked web site its fine.
      but now the problem is we are not able to display any CDF file on portal using content presenter.
      that means files are there and when we drag and drop any file on portal and select content presenter it display xml file.
      but when we apply any custom template it display nothing, there is 'TITLE' and 'BODY' etc. elements in CDF file.

      i dont have any clue why it happening same portal app when points to back to dev environment it works.

      update- when i do a ctrl+shift+C on protal i get frame but dont get three option like:
      1) Create web content
      2) Edit
      3) refresh

      but i get following options :
      1) View and manage this document
      2) Refresh.
      is there any configuration missing between portal application and UCM.
      or its not able to recognize region definition as a region definition.


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