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    problem windows 7

      Hi all,
      I have problem with oracle forms version 10.1.202 , when I compile any forms on windows 7 can not run this form on run time.

      Thanks in advance
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          what you mean cannot run this file on run time?
          any error?
          what happend when you click on run?
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            Thanks for replay,
            No any error with compile, but when I open from my application (run time) cannot open the form , but when compile from windows xp it's open.
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              900510 wrote:
              Hi all,
              I have problem with oracle forms version 10.1.202 , when I compile any forms on windows 7 can not run this form on run time.

              Thanks in advance
              Please provide more information when posting..
              what are you using for applet? JRE or Jinitiator ?
              what is your runtime OS ?
              what is your compiling OS ?
              what error or message you get ?

              providing this information help us to provide specific solutions

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                Unfortunately, Windows 7 is not a supported platform to run Oracle Forms 10g (including version according to the certification matrix for Oracle Forms & Reports 10gR2 found here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/ias/downloads/as-certification-r2-101202-095871.html. Also, Oracle has ended premier support on Oracle Application Server & Developer Suite 10gR2 as of December 31, 2011 (see Oracle Support note 1290974.1 for more information).

                It is recommended to upgrade your application to 11g. When upgrading to 11g, it is recommended to upgrade to version (the most recent version available) or (if you are also using Oracle Portal and/or Discoverer). Both of these versions will support Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit machines as well as Windows XP 32-bit (SP3 or higher). Also, Forms and are supported to use the latest versions of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7 which contains patches of the most recent security vulnerabilities found with Java. More information on supported platforms for 11g can be found in Oracle's certification matrices:
                1. 11gR1 (11.1.1.x): http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/downloads/fmw-11gr1certmatrix.xls
                2. 11gR2 ( http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/forms/oracle-forms-111210certmatrix-1886127.xls

                If you need further information about upgrading your Forms application from 10g to 11g, feel free to contact us at http://pitss.com/us.

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                  Have you configured the "Runtime" on your Windows 7 workstation and do you have the OC4J container running? If you have not configured your "Runtime", please take a look at this article: Forms: How to Configure Forms Builder to run forms locally. Also, if you are not starting the OC4J Container, make sure you start this first before running your form from the Forms Builder.

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                    Thanks for all response,
                    I got to solve the problem,
                    I recompile for library pl/sql and It's Ok,
                    But I have another problem when recompile and generate .plx library pl/sql , give me error : frm-91507 internal error unable to generate library
                    I used in registry NLS_LANG ARABIC_AMERICA.AR8MSWIN1256 ,
                    but when used AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1 It's Ok, compile and generate for library
                    and can open any forms in 'Runtime' If compile from windows 7 but the problem any world Arabic appear ???????
                    * application server on windows server 2003