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    Time Series Function-Ago

      Hi Guys,

      I have an issue with the AGO function.
      I have used a formulae some thing like below.

      Ago("CCLRDC"."Fact - Balances Measures"."YTD Balance" , "CCLRDC"."Period"."Month" , 3)

      Similarly like for month 2 and month 1.Well the point is I need a ytd bal for the prev 3 months and current month too.
      When I pass the filter as APR-2012 im getting data for APR-12,MAR-12,FEB-12,JAN-12 But
      When I pass the filter as MAR-2012 im only getting data for MAR-12,FEB-12,JAN-12 but could not get data for DEC-11

      Please someone help me out .

      Thank You,