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    Unable to print a PDF file using the BI Publishing server


      I have a BI publisher server version on W2K3 43 bit.
      I can access through the url that server.

      From my desktop I access through an url my Oracle APEX application.
      It has been configures with:
      Report Printing:
      Print Server Protocol: Advanced (requires Oracle BI Publisher)
      Print Server Protocol: HTTP
      Print Server Host Address: the IP address of my BI Publisher server
      Print Server POrt: 9704 (from instllation of BI)
      Print Server Script: /xmlpserver/convert

      On the page I want to print, it is configured with:
      PDF option is checked.
      When I click on Action -> Download -> PDF for this page, I get the error:

      <file>. pdf file can not be opened because the file type is not supported or because it is damaged (because, for example as an e-mail attachment is not sent and correctly decoded)

      Does someone has an idea what the problem is and where I should investigate further?

      Thanks by advance for tips.
      Kind Regards.