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    Mlock Privilege

      Hi Guru

      On hp ux with 10g database it is generating a lots of trace files in udump .
      I gave Mlock privilege to OSDBA group(dba) according to oracle doc , but still its generating the trace before.
      I was getting the trace for every minute but now for every 10 minutes i am getting the trace .Please guru reply to the post .
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          Not sure which Oracle Document you refer to but these are the one I would review :

          Oracle 11


          Oracle 10


          Also I assume you saw this
          You must use only one line to specify the privileges for a particular group in this file. If the file already contains a line for the dba group, then add the MLOCK privilege on the same line.
          At this point I would consider getting Oracle Support involved.

          What error are you getting in the alert log? Do you have tracing enabled at user level for the database?

          How is this related* to Data Guard??

          Best Regards


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            Dear mseberg

            Thank you for your reply as you said i added the MLOCK privileges on the same line " RTPRIO MLOCK RTSCHED" it looks like this .

            Thank You
            Mehdi Pasha