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    RMAN - Using fileperset = 1 and want datafile name to appear in piece name

    The Flaz
      Environment: on HP-UX

      Hi guys,

      One of my many problems with Netbackup is the inablity to trace backups as they get duplicated around the environment

      For our FULL backups, our backup script uses filesperset = 1 which means every datafile is backed up into its own piece

      We use rman format parameters %s %U etc to label our pieces. What would really help us would be if we could have the datafile name appear in the name of the backup piece

      Is that possible?

      this is a sample extract of out script

      #------ Backup Full Database
      backup incremental level 0
      filesperset 1
      format 'Full_DB_${DATABASE_NAME}_Weekly_Datafiles_%s:%t:%p.rman_backup'
      include current controlfile
      tag Full_DB_NetBackup;

      (note: I may be missing something fundamental here and being stupid, it's been known)
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          Never tried but you can try with this

          *%f - Specifies the absolute file number*.

          I just checked, it works. It wll give you file number not file name though.

          and also with

          *%N - You can have tablespace name with it*. This would be little more helpful.

          You can combine both to get the file number and tablespace name together. I got the output like this.

          This means file *2* of undo tablespace. I used this format string format 'E:\Full_DB_%f::%N.rman'

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