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    Connection issues

      I have a swing application that is very data intensive and needs to constantly retrieve information from the database for processing. The application connects to a tomcat server and uses a servlet running on it which in turn connects to the database server. The database is MySQL. Initially the application ran very well with MySQL 5.0. Since then, the database has been upgraded to MySQL 5.5. The issues that are occurring are that the application keeps returning timeout errors because a response is not received, intermittently. It doesn't happen all of the time but there are times when multiple users will get timeouts. Is it possible that the new upgrade could have caused this issue? Also, I need some pointers of the best way to address this issue and things that I should be looking into. Any help would be great and thanks in advance.
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          You posted this to the Java Programming forum.

          It doesn't seem to have anything to do with writing a program in Java.
          Additionally, is this essentially the same issue that you posted about some six weeks earlier?
          Trouble connecting to db

          You may need to think about whatever it is that you're concerned about then tell everyone here (by replying to this thread) as to where you actually may need to go for assistance.

          ... perhaps a MySQL forum?
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            911032 wrote:
            Since then, the database has been upgraded to MySQL 5.5.
            And you started getting issues. Hmmmmm.
            Is it possible that the new upgrade could have caused this issue?
            Is it possible that the upgrade did not cause the issue? Yes - that is possible.

            But for now the upgrade is your biggest clue. Figuring out what is wrong is what makes this job hard and will forever keep it from becoming easy - there is no checklist to go through because the problem may be anywhere and everywhere. JDBC driver, database settings, OS/network settings, even the position of the stars has some influence. Heck - it may be a bug in the version of MySQL you downloaded. It may be that you're doing something weird in the code that just happened to work fine on MySQL 5 and is now starting to bite you because MySQL 5.5 is not so nice. You have to go through -everything- and do a whole lot of wild guessing based on sound reasoning to maybe figure something out. And you will be doing similar misery management with the same amount of outside help and the same lack of information or clarity about a hundred thousand times in your career. It never stops. Ever.

            So? Is it a bother or a fun challenge which you will now sink your teeth in? The answer to this may require you to go look for another job or even an entire line of work. Harsh, innit?