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    Key flexfield - protecting one of the segment as NON-UPDATABLE/ READ-ONLY

      Key Flexfield setup for "People Group Flexfield" consists of seeg1,seg2,seg3,seg4.
      We would like to make Seg1 of this flexfield "READ ONLY" / "DISPLAY ONLY" / "Non-Updatable".
      Please advise possible way of making this functionality.

      I have tried, following but no luck :
      1) Limitations of Forms Personalization [ID 420518.1]

      Forms Personalization is not possible for any key flexfield structure or segments.
      This is a limitation of Forms Personalization on Flexfield. There was an enhancement request Bug 5506506 - "PERSONALIZE FLEXFIELDS BY USING FORMS PERSONALIZATION" but it was rejected the enhancement request as this is not feasible. A Flexfield is a single field in a form but then when you click into it and it opens up the flexfields window, the multiple fields you see is actually a user exit with multi segment values, not form fields. No Form Personalization events are passed to flexfield windows (user exits). No Form Personalization events are passed to segments inside the flexfield window (user exit).

      2) Key Flexfield Security Rules Enabled
      Defining security rules on any segment in key flexfield makes all segments as read only. Per Oracle Document:"Defining security rule on key flexfield combination on one or more segments allows all segments to be not updatable"