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    AR Auto Invoice Error

      Hi Gurus,

      OM Part: Created Sales order# 100021, Booked, picked, Shipped, ran workflow back ground process to eligible for AR Auto Invoice.

      AR Part: Ran Autoinvoice Master Program Completed status is Normal, subsequently system generated Autoinvoice Import Program Completed status: Normal.
      If I check AR-> Control->Auto Invoice->Interface Lines Found Sales order# 100021 all lines with Line Error as " All enabled segments of Transaction Flexfield must have a value" with Invalid Value as " 100021.Local Sales-MAGABASS.6010.0.0.1141. 0.".

      As per Metalink note for this error: All segments correctly enabled, ran the Auto invoice master program as per below steps but getting same error as All enabled segments of Transaction Flexfield must have a value.

      10 Order id INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1 (Required)

      How line transaction flexifields DFF linked to Auto invoice concurrent program?

      As per response from the forum, support enabled required field still getting same error, can anyone navigate the steps to resolve the issue:

      Please note that on interface tables in AR you do not populate INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE15 field which is a required field, as per your setup and that is why you encounter:
      Error: All enabled segments of Transaction Flexfield must have a value.

      Please try to populate for INTERFACE_LINE_CONTEXT: ORDER ENTRY the field INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE15 on AR interface table(RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL) and retest the issue, let us know if still there the same issue.

      Thanks in advnace for favour
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          when you have a Order Interfaced to AR, Interface Line Context "ORDER ENTRY" all enabled segments should have valu
          Please check the DFF for Application # Receivables and Title # Line Transaction Flexfield, for context field value of ORDER ENTRY
          and then click on segments to check what all Interface Line attributes are enabled, you can modify as per the Business requirement if you would like to

          Request you to check the enabled segments, make a note of all the Interface Line attributes (you can see in the DFF)
          now execute the
          Select * from ra_interface_lines_all where interface_line_context = 'ORDER ENTRY'
          and interface_line_attribute1 = '100021';
          check /verify the Interface line attribute value for the fields in the DFF, if any one of the Interface line attribute is null, go to Interface Lines-- query for the Order number and then add the Interface line attribute where the value is missing, update and save
          re run the Auto Invoice

          Now make sure you modify the Line transaction flexfield to capture segments only for Interface line attribute where the value exists

          Best Regards