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    Manual apply of archive logs to standby database

      Hi I am an Oracle DBA with minimal knowledge on shell scripting…Below is my query…

      Source(Primary-production) and target DB’s(Standby database) are in 2 different data centers..

      Our organization doesn’t want to build a physical standby database for our production DB. So they wanted me to write a script which does the below 4 steps…
      1)     zip all the archive logs once generated in primary DB
      2)     copy them over to SAN(this SAN is an NFS disk for both target and source databases)...
      3)     From SAN to target DB server
      4)     apply the logs on that target database(mount state)…

      Is this kind of approach really possible ?
      DB version--- EE (Dataguard comes with EE but still my company don’t want to build becoz of network issues)
      OS – AIX 6.1
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          Yes possible. Harder to monitor for sure.

          FJ Franken built a non Data Guard Standby :


          You would have to write the pieces to use copy instead of network.

          I believe the old log shipping method had a script to come into life every few minutes and :
          sqlplus / as sysdba
          recover database using backup controlfile until cancel
          Best Regards