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    How to create a bootable OEL5.8 .iso from scratch?

      Are there any instructions available about how to create a bootable .iso file, for installing OEL5.8, from scratch?

      We need to build a system which is a customised version of OEL5.8; we want to add some extra RPMs and remove others. We have an older build system which does this based on OEL5.5, but the way it has been built makes this hard to upgrade. We'd like to try starting from OEL5.8 again.

      One possibility would be to download the initial OEL5.8 .iso; mount this as a loop-back filesystem; adjust some RPMs and config; then re-create an .iso from this file. However, this doesn't allow us to update the kernel very easily. We'd prefer an approach which starts from a set of RPMs (perhaps including modified kernel RPMs) and builds the .iso from scratch.

      Many thanks for any pointers.

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