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    Reg: Date Format

    Bhargav K
      Hi Guys,

      i am using one date prompt in that i am having the values like '08/15/2010' , but i need to change the date format to '2010-08-15' so in the edit column formula i wrote like this EVALUATE('TO_CHAR(%1,%2)' AS CHAR ,"DIM"."CONTRACT_DATE",'YYYY-MM-DD'), it showing the format what i need but user input is changing to text field but i need calender input over there.

      i think the problem is i am coverting that date into char so its happening, but need calendar input for the user,

      can any one tellme, how to get the desired format with the calendar input???
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          Hi Bhargav,

          If you are using Oracle as the underlying database, try changing the default NLS_DATE_FORMAT to the format you want for the schema you are using in the connection pool. It should change the default date format displayed in OBI too. But this would be a system wide change.