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    IPMP on IPv6


      Does any one successfully configure IPMP on IPv6? please share your experience..As we need to migrate IPv4 to IPv6 on suncluster 3.2..

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          As IPv6 can dynamically generate IP addresses, there is no requirement to specify an
          IP address or failover address for an IPv6 environment. Assign group names, and
          ifconfig will configure the interfaces active. Configure the second interface as a test
          address. The deprecated option must not be used with IPv6.

          # ifconfig qfe0 group v6_standby
          # ifconfig qfe4 group v6_atandby -failover standby

          Using /etc/hostname.xxx

          IPMP configuration for IPv6 is simpler that for an IPv4 interface. For each interface in
          the group, assign the group name and -failover. IP addresses will be generated for the
          interfaces, and no additional logical IP addresses are required.
          # cat /etc/hostname6.qfe0
          group v6_standby -failover up

          The standby interface uses exactly the same format as the active interface, with the
          addition of the standby option.
          # cat /etc/hostname6.qfe4
          group v6 standby -failover standby up

          You didn't say if you wanted probing or link-based IPMP, or active/active or active/passive. Link-based is always enabled on an interface that belongs to an IPMP group.

          If you have IPv4 addresses on the same NICs, they will automatically be included under the IPv6 IPMP configuration, and vice versa. I often configure IPMP using IPv6 because it's easier, and I don't need to use "good" IPv4 addresses for test addresses, then let the production IPv4 addresses come along for the ride.