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    11g Email to Non-BI Users via Agent

      Hey guys,

      When I try to email a report to a non-BI user using an Agent, I'm getting the following error: OBIEE 11g " Invalid subscribers skipped..." How are my subscribers invalid? What should I be checking?

      I am using the Get Recipients from the Analysis Used in the Agent Condition option to give the agent a list of recipients (I'd like to send my report without adding e-mail addresses manually -- that works, by the way.)

      We are currently using Oracle Business Intelligence Let me know if you need more details.

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          It is of course also a licensing issue .... You technically could setup a distribution group in your email system.... set that group up as a user (since it has one email) and your issue could be solved.

          Now I cannot comment on how Oracle would count the licenses .... whether every user in that group would need a license or not (then again one could argue that when I forward an agent generated email to a non-OBIEE user that I also would not need a license).

          good luck
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            I think that distribution group idea will work; thanks a lot.

            Not sure about the licenses, though.