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    E10000 Single point of failure.

      I have a E10k with a domain in two boards one of the boards is not powering up. I deleted the domain (domain_remove) kept the files and created (domain_create) again with the same name but this time just with one board. The system didn't boot with error Fast Data Access MMU Miss. Is there a possibility that this domain would only power with one board? If yes how? Would it be possible to do:
      bringup -A on to set auto-boot to false
      ok reset
      ok reset-all

      when back run:
      ok probe-scsi-all

      and then try to boot the domain with only one board?

      Thank you.


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          Fast Data MMU miss usually means that your boot disk either doesn't have an OS on it, or the boot block wasn't put on it. You might be booting from the wrong slice, or are using an image from a different architecture (like sun4v). The E10K is sun4u. You need to install the SUNWXCALL cluster to get all the E10K support.

          If a board won't power on, that could be because of a fault in the board, or possibly a server configuration error. The error messages from POST should tell you. You can find the POST logs in the proper SSP domain directory to check.

          You can certainly run with one board, if you create the domain with just the one board. It better be the one with the I/O card to the boot drive, though!