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    BPM attachments fail to store in UCM:

      I am trying to integrate BPM with UCM.

      I installed JDEV,UCM,RCU,weblogic & soa.

      I created a simple application in BPM with one use case.

      and i configured UCM,soa & weblogic.

      Below are the steps what i did :

      -- Go to EM. Click on SOA node. Click on soa-infra node. On the right panel,
      click on the "Soa Infrastructure" dropdown menu. In the dropdown, select "SOA Adminstration". In the
      sub-menu, "Workflow Task Service Properties".

      -- On this page, click the link at the bottom "More Workflow Taskservice
      Configuration Properties...".

      -- On this page, select node:

      - Application Defined MBeans - oracle.as.soainfra.config
      - Server: AdminServer
      - WorkflowConfig
      human-workflow<== Select this
      - WorkflowIdentityConfig
      -- On the right panel, select "UcmIdcUrl". Set value pointing to UCM server.
      (Note: Only idc protocol is supported for now).
      For now, you can use the server at

      Click apply.

      -- Now click on following node on the left panel in EM:


      -- On this page, click on "Weblogic domain" dropdown. Select "Security" and
      then select "Credentials" from the sub-menu.

      -- On this page, click on "Create map". Enter "WF-ADMIN-USER" for the map

      -- Now click on "Create Key". Make sure, WF-ADMIN-USER is selected for map
      in the popup dialog. Enter WF-ADMIN-CREDENTIAL for key name. Enter
      username/password of user with admin privilege on UCM server.
      The values are weblogic/weblogic1 for the server mentioned above.

      Now you are ready to UCM attachments in your task.

      Also, if you are using your own UCM server, you need to change config file.

      -- Add your SOA server machine ip address, so it can connect to UCM server.
      Edit config.cfg and change following entry:
      original entry: SocketHostAddressSecurityFilter=|0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

      - WebLogic Domain

      soainfra<== Click on this node


      Also add new entry:
      IntradocServerPort=4444 ==> or whatever port you want to use.
      Based on the above entry, you will add UcmIdcUrl in em. E.g.

      Check your $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/system-jazn-data.xml. Search for WF-ADMIN-USER.
      Check the jar name at the begining of grant elem. It has a typo in the path. It should oralce.soa.workflow
      instead of oralce.bpm.workflow. Make this change and restart the server. This bug was fixed just before
      GA release.

      The above are the steps i followed.

      I deployed the BPM application and i am getting attachment options like :

      Upload to UCM

      Attcahment from UCM

      I am selecting Upload to UCM

      but i am getting below errors:

      Content item '(null)' was not successfully checked in. Content account is not defined. Unable to validate user security.

      Error occurred while inserting a task attachment record.

      Error occurred while inserting attachment change in soa file.txt for task 77a010b3-64ec-49f8-b2e2-211c11f3232f.

      Check the underlying exception and the database connection information. If the error persists, contact Oracle Support Services.

      Can you please look into this issue and provide me needful steps to make me succeed in this integration.

      Thanks & Regards :

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          I saw you opened new thread. Could you open your human task and in the documents section tell me what you have?
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            felipe ieder - oracle
            The current integration between BPM and WCC (WebCenter Content, or UCM) is very easy to configure. Should you have already a VM with BPM, just:

            - install WCC and extend the domain with Content Server. If possible, run new managed server in same machine and leave all ports as default (16200 and 4444) so that you don't even need to setup BPM for UCM as it's already configured OOTB with default IDC port (4444).
            - Enable Folders_g in the new UCM managed server (requires restart of UCM's server).
            - Enable a Human Task with "Use Document Package". If it's a project converted from a pre-PS4FP installation, rebuild the Human Task Form.
            - Redeploy and that should do the trick.

            Thanks Carlos Casares and Sanjay Pradhan for sharing this.
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              Bill Wallen
              There are issues with the BPM/UCM integration in In short, the integration requires UCM accounts to be used when checking in content from BPM. To fix your problem, Rajendra, create a UCM account and grant your users read/write access to it. Then, in the human task, you can either hardcode the account or render a dropdown for a user to select an account. This should fix your problem.
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                Hi felipe,

                If I want to display that image in the bpm/wokspace interface, will this support for that ??

                What I mean is once the document check in to the WCC trigger the BPM instance in bpm/workspce and show that image in that instance ....

                Thank You,