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    mounting oracle.iso files to user oracle with permissions

      Hi all,
      I try to mount an oracle iso image to install directly from it. I create an entry in /etc/fstab

      /home/oracle/V32480-01.iso /mnt/iso/ iso9660 ro,loop,user,noauto,unhide,uid=oracle,gid=oinstall

      Now I can mount the iso as user oracle with chown oracle:oinstall.

      #>mount /mnt/iso

      But I can not start the installer from the mount location.

      -bash: /mnt/iso/runInstaller.sh: Permission denied

      #>l /mnt/iso/runInstaller.sh
      -r-xr-x---. 1 oracle oinstall 453 Apr 30 2012 runUpgrader.sh

      I know I could copy the files but I do prefer :-/

      Does anyone can help ?