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    Maximum TDES length data to cipher


      I have been testing with the creation of TDES keys, and using to cipher data, and with the results I'm receiving i'm wondering If there is any limit on TripleDes with the length of the data to cipher because I'm only able to cipher data from 8,16 bytes, up to 32 it returns me an 6F00 error also doing a try catch:
      cipher= Cipher.getInstance(Cipher.ALG_DES_CBC_NOPAD,false);
      cipher.init(des,Cipher.MODE_DECRYPT,new byte[]{0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0},(short)0,(short)8);
                     cipheredataL=cipher.doFinal(data2cipher,(short)0, (short)32, randomD_cipher, (short)0);
           }catch(CryptoException crypto){
                if (crypto.getReason() == CryptoException.UNINITIALIZED_KEY)
                     else if (crypto.getReason() == CryptoException.INVALID_INIT)
                     else if (crypto.getReason() == CryptoException.ILLEGAL_USE)

      Thanks for your help another time :)