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Rebuild index

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Hi Experts,
I have one control table as below.
I want to rebuild all indexes for the tables in control table.

The control table is having the following data.
SEQ_ID     TABLENAME                SCHEMA_NAME     

2     GEDIS_NOTES                ALL     
3     GEDIS_CARD_TYPE_AUDIT         APRT     
4     FAX_HEADER                   OMS
     In the control_table schema_name "ALL" means this is for 30 schemas(The table is existed in 30 schemas).
Except for schema_name "ALL" ,the table is existed in the particular schema(The table is existed in the only one schema).

I tried the following code it is executing for all 30 schemas(ALL).
But it is not executing for specific schemas.
l_sql VARCHAR2(4000);
CURSOR cur_tab_schema 
SELECT tablename,schema_name
FROM control_table3;

CURSOR schema_names
SELECT owner_name FROM global_bu_mapping;
CURSOR indx_names(p_schema_name VARCHAR2,p_tablename VARCHAR2)
 select index_name
        from all_indexes
        where owner = p_schema_name
            and table_name = p_tablename;
FOR c1 IN cur_tab_schema 
for c2 IN schema_names
FOR c3 IN indx_names (c2.owner_name,c1.tablename)
      l_sql:= 'alter index '||c2.owner_name||'.'
            ||c3.index_name||' rebuild';
 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (l_sql);
EXECUTE immediate l_sql;            
    end loop;
    end loop;
    end loop;
This contains the 30 schema names.
SELECT owner_name FROM global_bu_mapping;
Please help me.
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    Does the oracle user that owns the schema the given procedure is have the grants needed on all the objects in the other schemas? I think that's why it does not work for some schemas.
    I did something like that only for objects in one schema and not in different schemas.

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    Procedure is having access on all schemas.

    ALL means 30 schemas we can get it from

    SELECT owner_name FROM global_bu_mapping;

    Apart from 30 we have some other schemas. The schema name should be taken from control table.

    Please help me how to implement this logic.

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    Christine Schnittker Explorer
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    You shouldn't go around rebuilding indexes like that..

    Apart from that, get rid of at least 2 loops. You can get all statements with something like (not tested)
    SELECT 'alter index '||ai.owner_name||'.'||ai.index_name||' rebuild' AS alter_stmt
    FROM all_indexes ai,
             control_table3 ct,
             global_bu_mapping g
    WHERE  (g.owner_name = ct.schema_name OR ct.schema_name = 'ALL')
        AND ai.table_owner = g.owner_name
        AND ai.table_name = g.schema_name;
    Please note that you probably also confused table owner and index owner.

    // Tine


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