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    Theme Switching

      I am working on theme switching.I have created Select list item.

      based on select list item My CSS should change on my page. I am following link as


      What changes i should do in code so i can change css based on my item.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      how could i do this?
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          Dennis DS

          Note that there is a huge difference between the term "theme" in APEX and "theme" in general HTML.

          An APEX theme is not just a stylesheet. They consist of templates that generate your HTML. These templates use stylesheets.

          If you are using 2 APEX themes I would first try to make 2 applications using both themes and switch between the applications where each application has a different current theme.

          If you are using a custom built theme, and you are sure you can use a different stylesheet and not just a hole new theme I'd use an application item in the template.

          The select list sets the application item with the path to the css file. (you'll need to have both files accessible via the virtual directory /i/)

          Following your URL I find following HTML:
          <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style1.css" />
          replace style1 with "&CURRENT_STYLESHEET." (don't forget & and .)
          <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="&CURRENT_STYLESHEET." />
          Then your select list sets CURRENT_STYLESHEET to "style1.css" or "style2.css" or whatever you want...

          I hope this helps.

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            Have you looked at a them called the echo theme from apexthemes.com? They offer the ability to switch you theme look and feel between the defined set of 20+ jquery ui looks and the ability to add more via the jquery ui theme builder..
            I don't work for them, but when I find a company that builds a good product, I will let others know about them..

            Thank you,

            Tony Miller
            Ruckersville, VA