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    SmartView: Cannot Connect to Provider

    Robert Angel

      When try to connect to Essbase via SmartView on my client p.c. I get the following message.

      "Cannot connect to the provider because: Cannot connect to provider. The attempt to connect to the server failed. Make sure the server is running in the specified URL."

      I am following the instructions from "SampleApp V207 - Virtual Machine Image Deployment Guide"; -

      "Note: In order to use SmartView, first install Smartview client on your desktop. Then launch an Microsoft Office product like Excel. Create a Private Connection by providing the URL as http://localhost:13080/aps/SmartView Add the server name as obieesampleapp.us.oracle.com:1423. When prompted for credentials, enter admin/password"

      In the above, where it cites; - http://localhost:13080/aps/SmartView - does it mean exactly that - as on my client p.c. (not inside the virtualbox as Excel does not work in the Linux environment) the localhost will be my p.c.'s IP address, not the virtualbox?!

      Or is it telling me to try; -

      http://obieesampleapp.us.oracle.com:1423:13080/aps/SmartView - which does not seem right either, I am assuming the obieesampleapp etc is what you select once you are connected to the server(?)

      Can anyone advise - what localhost should substitute for in the above, how to find out what my VM Box is running as for SmartView?


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