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    IDS INI files - Still used?

    Gaétan Berthold

      We're running IDS 2.2 p05 to access Documaker archives and that works fine.

      I've noticed that, while we have kept the files DOCSERV.XML and DOCCLIENT.XML in sync, we also have the files DOCSERV.INI and DOCCLNT.INI that have never been updated.

      We have created and are using a new ReqType in DOCSERV.XML that does not exist in DOCSERV.INI, so I assume that the INI files are not being used by IDS, since everything runs fine.

      For our June delivery, I will be implementing a RUNDAP solution that will use the ReqType RPD. Will I need to update these INI files for this to work ? Are these two INI files still relevant?