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    error authenticating user

      OBIEE on Windows 2003 32 bit server.

      [2013-02-15T18:13:18.844-05:00] [bi_server1] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.bi.security.service] [tid: [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: '6' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [userId: BISystemUser] [ecid: 00iD64_lxN99h^o3kVU4V30000h4000000,0:707:8:1] [WEBSERVICE_PORT.name: SecurityServicePort] [APP: bimiddleware#11.1.1] [J2EE_MODULE.name: bimiddleware/security] [WEBSERVICE.name: SecurityService] [J2EE_APP.name: bimiddleware_11.1.1] SecurityService::authenticateUserWithLanguageUnexpected error authenticating user {0}[[
      oracle.bi.security.service.SecurityServiceException: SecurityService::authenticateUserWithLanguageUnexpected error authenticating user {0}
      -- snip log --
      Caused by: oracle.security.idm.OperationFailureException: javax.naming.CommunicationException: xxx.xx.xx.xx:7001 [Root exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect]
           at oracle.security.idm.providers.stdldap.JNDIPool.acquireConnection(JNDIPool.java:85)

      We are using native Weblogic identity management. This error started after I modified the user to have write back privilege on a specific table. It appears to get triggered by attempting the write back from an analysis. The data is written, but the user sees an error and the display is not refreshed. Almost identical configuration is working fine on a 64 bit installation. The write back error in nqserver.log is

      [nQSError: 27024] The EXECUTE PHYSICAL statement must specify a physical SQL statement to execute.

      Any thoughts on where to start?

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          Rupesh Shelar

          Make sure your BISYSTEM password

          Go to weblogic console, http://IP address:7001/console
          Home >Summary of Security Realms > myrealm > Users and Groups > BISystemUser
          And then go to your EM (http://IP address:7001/em)
          expand weblogic domain > bifoundation_domain > Security > Credentials > oracle.bi.system ? system.user
          Just retype a new password then Restart BI All Services then test it.

          pls mark correct if answrd

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            What is your exact issue. ? You are not able to login or you have issue with write back ?

            Let us know.