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    Having problems removing a managed server from WL console

      Running the 11 g R1 ( server on Linux.
      Installed OIM, OAM, OVD, OID, WL. (other components may be added later)

      Have not yet integrated OIM and OAM.

      The Problem:
      We were running into a problem on our oim server, that warranted removal and reinstallation.

      we were attempting to remove the oim_server1 instance from the weblogic admin console.
      went to deployments, and deleted the entry there for oim_server1

      Then went to environment | servers
           The oim_server1 now shows as "FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE"
           and we can not remove this instance frome the admin instance.
           If we attempt to remove it, It gives the errors
                The server oim_server1 is a running server and may not be deleted.
                All of the servers selected are in a state which is incompatible with this operation.

      Restarted the WL Admin server, then went back into the console. This did not change the status of the managed server.

      Tried going to
      and removing the *.lok file...
      No luck.

      How do we get around this, so we can remove the incorrectly configured oim_server1 ?

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