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      Hi ALL,

      I am facing one issue in apache-siteminder-weblogic environment. We are using Siteminder for SSO functionality
      where webagent is configured to apache and there is a redirection logic in apache

      Coming to issue:
      we recently upgraded weblogic from 10.0 to 10.3.4 , so after upgrade, this redirection thing is not working. So when i rolled out to previous version,
      it starts working. No idea what could be the issue. We enabled weblogic Proxy-plugin parameter also for each manage server in new version. But still we are getting issue.

      I am not sure, do i have to change anything in siteminder configurations. please advice.

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          Please can you clarify what exactly you mean by the redirection not working.
          Do you mean the weblogic-apache plugin which comes with the default installation is not working and does not load-balance and/or fail-over between weblogic servers when required?

          As for the change between Weblogic 10.0 and 10.3.4, please check if your servers are in a cluster or stand alone servers.
          For Cluster - Set the WebLogic Plug-in Enabled control in WebLogic Cluster level(where the cluster is defined).
          For stand-alone - Set the WebLogic Plug-in Enabled control in WebLogic Server level (each individual server).

          Refer to this link for the documentation - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/web.1111/e16435/toc.htm