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    Multiple Virtual Network in Guest Ldom

      Hi, I am running 4 guest ldom on T4-1. Currently each one is having only one network interface and connected to separate vsw(0-3). My doubts are:

      1. Is it possible to create multiple VSW on a single Phy? If yes, what about the IP assignment?

      2. Is it possible to create VSW with-out assigning net-dev, only for inter-ldom communication? I create like this with inter-vnet-link=on, but packets are not flowing thru this interface.

      3. Can some explain the packet flow from Phy -> I/F -> VSW -> VNET(Guest)? Basically, I didn't get the point of, How packets are exchanged b/w Primary and Guest and reach the Phy? Is it a NAT? or Just Pkt Fwd at L2?