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    JavaFX Webview JQuery execution


      I am executing jquery in executeJavascript function of the webview. I have attached the jquery to the document poperty addListener, the jquery works fine for the http urls but when try to run on the https url it not showing any result.

      Is there any security permission that I have to enable for https urls to load the jquery in to the DOM?

      I have provided the code below. Thanks in advance.

      new InvalidationListener() {
      public void invalidated(Observable o) {executejQuery(engine, "$(\"input#deviceEsn\").change(function(){"
                                                                       + "if($(\"input#deviceEsn\").val().length>5){" +
                                                                       "alert(\"length\"+ $(\"input#deviceEsn\").val().length);" +
                                                                       "$.post(\"http://localhost/ssl/data.php\",{esn: $(\"input#deviceEsn\").val()}"
                                                                       + ",function(data,status){" +

                                                                       "var $response = $(data);"
                                                                       + "$(\"input#subscriberDeviceMake\").val($response.find('#make').text());"
                                                                       + "$(\"input#subscriberDeviceModel\").val($response.find('#model').text());"

                                                                       "}, \"html\");" + "}" +