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    Solaris 10 - native cluster, multipath, volume management.


      I have downloaded Solaris 10 x86 DVD. Planning to install it inside VMWare. Kindly let me know if there is any native clustering , multipathing and volume management software thats pre bundled with Solaris 10 or is it paid?

      I am a storage admin and I want to get a clear understanding of how the above mentioned things work. Will install two instances of Solaris 10 and try out a couple of things.

      Please let me know.
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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          Multipathing and volume management are integrated in Solaris 10, but regarding the cluster feature, you should install an external program like Solaris Cluster or third-party cluster softwares.

          Solaris Cluster is downloadable on Oracle website and depending what you want to do with all these softwares you should check on each product the license if you are allowed to use it.
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            Hi Pascal,

            Thank you for such a quick reply.

            I am looking for a clustering software that will basically be free, yet give me a glimpse of how the clustering stuff works on Solaris. I cannot afford the paid stuff, so will have to make do with the freebies...If my understanding is correct, you are stating that the native multipathing and volume management is integrated AND free. Kindly let me know.

            So if I install a few virtual disks inside VMware, can I use the native multipathing to detect them? I cant get the vmware solaris to access SAN, so basically looking for something that will make the OS "think" that its getting SAN LUNs, so that I can try multipathing.

            Sorry for topping up another question.

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