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    Install A Oracle VM 3.2.1 enviornment on Oracle X3-2 & storageTek 6180 fail


      I am looking for a help here, base on we do suffering on Install A Oracle VM enviornment on Oracle X3-2 & storageTek 6180, we set up all the enviorment, but facing when we create the Oracle VM server pool will facing the failure ( pls ref the following error message on the one of OVM server ).

      But most strange thing is when we change the Oracle X3-2 to IBM X3200M3 in the same confiuration, ( same storage + Fiber HBA , only change the Server ) , every thing work~~

      can any one give me a hand?

      Sun Server X3-2 *2Sun Storage 6180 以下為錯誤訊息(03/02/2013 02:27:35:256 PM)
      OVMAPI_4010E Attempt to send command: create_pool_filesystem to server: ovms1 failed. OVMAPI_4004E Server Failed Command: create_pool_filesystem lun /dev/mapper/360080e50002c4be4000015915130dd58 56d84d1b979f3dc3 0004fb000005000033c2aa889853c011 0004fb000001000033cdf570c2ad1afe 0004fb000002000056d84d1b979f3dc3, Status: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: exceptions.RuntimeError:Command: ['mkfs.ocfs2', '-b', '4K', '-C', '4K', '-J', 'size=4M', '-N', '32', '-L', 'OVS_POOL_FILESYSTEM', '-U', '0004fb000005000033c2aa889853c011', '--global-heartbeat', '--cluster-stack=o2cb', '--cluster-name=56d84d1b979f3dc3', '--force', '/dev/mapper/360080e50002c4be4000015915130dd58'] failed (1): stderr: mkfs.ocfs2 1.8.2
      mkfs.ocfs2: Could not write: Input/output error
      WARNING!!! OCFS2 uses the UUID to uniquely identify a file system.
      Having two OCFS2 file systems with the same UUID could, in the least,
      cause erratic behavior, and if unlucky, cause file system damage.
      Please choose the UUID with care.

      Cluster stack: o2cb
      Cluster name: 56d84d1b979f3dc3
      Stack Flags: 0x1
      NOTE: Feature extended slot map may be enabled
      Features: sparse extended-slotmap backup-super unwritten inline-data strict-journal-super xattr indexed-dirs refcount discontig-bg
      Block size: 4096 (12 bits)
      Cluster size: 4096 (12 bits)
      Volume size: 21474836480 (5242880 clusters) (5242880 blocks)
      Cluster groups: 163 (tail covers 17408 clusters, rest cover 32256 clusters)
      Extent allocator size: 4194304 (1 groups)
      Journal size: 4194304
      Node slots: 32
      [Sat Mar 02 14:27:35 CST 2013] [Sat Mar 02 14:27:35 CST 2013]