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    NO support for Oracle on 32-bit linux?

      So, do I have this right - and sorry to belabour the point - there is NO support for 32-bit linux - older versions are no longer available and 11g R2 is 64-bit only?!?

      This is extremely disappointing... especially since XE's target audience is supposed to be students of various sorts?!?
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          As a student, for purely educational purposes, you should consider the OTN license. And based on such agreement upon, the available SE, EE and PE Database editions, besides XE.

          The license text/terms is linked from the main downloads page:


          Read the description in the (for) Developers: box, that contains "... or for strictly self-educational purposes.", and then go on to read the Developer license terms, to see if it may apply to your requirements.
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            Ah, OK - you are making the point that 32-bit support for linux is available - just not for the XE edition.

            Indeed you are right - Linux x386 release of 11.2 is available at:


            I suppose the problem for me is that I am hoping to run it on very reduced hardware and I was attracted by the 1GB RAM limit for XE - in my experience, 1GB is a bare minimum for 11.2... Also, it seems a shame that no other older versions are available for download at all and have to be requested via a trip to My Oracle Support - (a web experience most sensible people try to avoid...)

            Thanks for the response!