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    Generic Service - Charts on Home Page...Sometimes?

      Greetings all -

      I am using OEM, with Oracle Beacon(3.9+)

      Here is the scenario -
      I navigate to 'targets - services' off the top drop down.
      I select 'beacons' off the 'Sevices Features' drop down.
      I select 'add' - Give it a name (Bob_Beacon) - select an agent - next to 'Enable Message ID Request Header' I select Yes. Click create - (receive message Bob_Beacon was created successfully and ok that).

      Now, I expand the agent where I created the Beacon - and click on Bob_Beacon.
      I go to 'Monitoring Configuration' from the beacon drop down (just below Bob's name).
      The Monitoring Configuration clearly shows 'Enable Message ID Request Header' set to FALSE.

      I can change it to 'TRUE' and save...it does seem to stick.

      So, I continue...back to Targets -> Services off the top drop down.
      Here click add. Give it a name - BobService, select timezone, and next.
      Leave availability at 'based on service test' and next.
      For Service Test, I select HTTP PING, give it a name(BobHTTPPing), change freq to 3 min, and supply a url. Finally Next.

      Beacons - click add, put a check next to Bob_Beacon and select, then next.
      Performance - leave total time, but click add - should show 'status' - click continue, note chart on homepage says 'total time'. click next.
      Leave usage metrics as is - just select next.
      Select Finish.

      So here's the rub. In a day or two, I come back to grid to check on the new service. Some, show 'no data is currently available' for chart on the home page of the service. Others show data. I can track down no rhyme or reason why some do and some don't.

      Are there additional steps required? I haven't defined SLA calendars for any, (those that show charts, and those that don't.) Those that don't show are chart on home page, also display empty charts on the the 'charts tab.' But if I go to the 'Test Performance' tab, a chart is visible with data.

      Plz try the steps listed here, and let me know if you receive the same results.