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    missing class httpresponsewrapper


      I have a installation on Windows and another on Linux (Ubuntu).

      select DBMS_JAVA.LONGNAME(object_name), a.object_name,object_id,created from all_objects a where object_type='JAVA CLASS'
      and DBMS_JAVA.LONGNAME(object_name) = 'javax/servlet/http/HttpServletResponseWrapper'

      On Windows:

      javax/servlet/http/HttpServletResponseWrapper,/998be4ff_HttpServletResponseW,113244,2010.04.30. 10:38:14

      On Linux I get no rows returned and indeed, the jar I am trying to load with loadjava cannot resolve this symbol.

      Where does the difference come from and how can I load this class into my JVM? On Windows the object_id and the created date is significantly higher then those of similar java classes under javax/servlet/http/* , to me it suggests that it was loaded later but I do not know by what and who and how? Could it have been a patchset? But why on Windows and why not on Linux?

      Any ideas?