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    SQL Developer SQL History no longer working

      Hi guys, The SQL History (F8) option has started to no longer work within my copy of OSD.
      it was working at one point but has gone away.

      I have confirmed that "Enable Local History" is enabled and has been set for 30 days history and 50 max revisions
      I have confirmed that I still have a SqlHistory.xml file located in my user\operator\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\ directory with entries in it (6933 rows of data)

      This started to happen after I started to play with the Garbage Collection settings to reduce the memory footprint of OSD.

      I have since restored all of my backed up delivered settings, rebooted and the SQL History will not show up again.
      My snippets and custom reports are working and I can still see the log detail where I used to see log and sql history options at the bottom of OSD.

      I'm using Windows 7 and can provide an OSD dump if it helps.



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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Tom,

          Be careful about which preference settings relate to the functionality in question.

          1. Tools > Preferences > Environment > Local History > Enable relates to a worksheet's History tab when you File > Open
          2. Tools > Preferences > Database > Worksheet > SQL History Limit relates to View > SQL History pane.

          You do not say how you backed up and restored your settings during all your experimentation, but let's assume whatever you did was valid. Whenever some UI component mysteriously disappears, one thing I always check (usually just delete) is the windowinglayout.xml in system3.\o.ide. of my user settings.

          For example, I can use the SQL History pane's tab context menu to Float it, then adjust it's size by dragging it's edges down to a grey square a few pixels wide/high. Close SQL Developer, reopen, View > SQL History. Darn! Where did it go?

          Hope this helps,