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    Records are not getting imported due to new line charactor in the field

      Dear All,

      I am trying to load a file into target but the import is failing. The error thrown is as below;

      During the import of leads into CRMoD through loading the New lead/Step lead file received from CA, leads have not been imported and we encountered the following
      error message:
      "Import field 'LAST_NAME' had a blank value for the required Oracle CRM On Demand field 'Last Name'. This record was not imported. Please enter desired values for
      the required fields and re-import this record."

      Leads are not imported due to an additional new line (Enter) character, which results in the subsequent lines not being picked up and the error of import failure.

      Please help me to resolve this to remove the new line charactor in the field so that import succeeds..
      By the way, I am working on ODI 11g.

      Thanks in Advance