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    region popup on a page.


      Some times back i posted the below question and hope to get some help but so far no response ...well my problem is to popup a region from a page when a button is click and on that popuped region i want to have 1/2 text area/text item . I'll appreciate your help.

      I need help with passing details from modal popup region/page Textarea back to the main page.
      On my main page/region ive a textarea with small button next to it and i want when this button is clicked to display another region/page popup modal with large textarea where i can enter much information i want and when i close this popup page/region i want to pass the data entered back to the small textarea ive on the main page/region and this should not refresh the page, i appreciate any help on this

      ..thanks and regards

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          Gaurav Nagpal
          Presently,you are facing problem in displaying the popup or storing text again into the small text field?or both?
          thanks, Gaurav Nagpal
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            For now i need to popup the region when a button on a page is clicked
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              Ramesh P, Oracle APEX Developer
              Enter More
              create two regions region1, region2
              have your text area in region 1 and make its template to no template and region header place this
              <div id="largeText" style="display:none;">
              In the footer
              Place the following text in the text item post element block:
              <a href="javascript:enterMore();">Enter More</a>
              or you can call the javascript from button click

              Place this code in the page level header block
              <script type="text/javascript">
              function enterMore(){
                                       title: 'Enter More',     
                                       autoOpen: true,                         
                                       modal: true,
                                       resizable: false,
                                       draggable: false,
                                       buttons: [
                                                           id: "OK",
                                                           text: "Ok",
                                                           click: function() {
                                                                var largeTxt = $("#P3_TEXT_AREA").val();
                                                      opacity: 0.2,
                                                      background: "black"
                                       width: 700,
                                       height: 200,                                                                                           
                                       resize: false
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                This is working good but only if you are coming to the page first time. You click the button again nothing popups, i already have similar code under DA also testing your code as JS function works the same but only once and ive to click the refresh button again for me to get the popup window,
                title:"To Confirm",
                overlay: { opacity: 0.8, background: "black" },
                var v_txt = 'test values'; 
                alert('testing the no');
                so why does it fire only the first time/refresh ? any help please