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    boot into Solaris 10 dvd problem on Sunfire X2250


      I am trying to jumpstart a Sunfire X2250 server and have run into a problem. This system has two internal sata disks an internal dvd drive and an external sata NAS tray connected via a PCI scsi card. The problem is that when the sata NAS is connected, the system won't boot off the dvd and the solaris installation disk. If the sata NAS is disconnected the system will boot into the solaris 10 installation disk in the dvd drive. What seems to be happening is the external NAS causes the bios to not see the dvd drive. I can install the OS when the array is disconnected, but would like to run some zfs commands on the NAS during jumpstart. One other note the same arrays when connected to sparc systems (in this case T1000's) do not have the same issue and will boot into the installation dvd with the NAS trays connected.

      Any ideas on how to get this X2250 to boot into the cdrom with the NAS tray connected?