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    Page Number Problem

      Dear All,

      I've created a report in Windows machine which will display the page numbers like..
      1. Total Page
      2. Total Pages for a particular invoice

      When i am running this report in Report Builder(Run Paper Layout) it is working correct...
      Both output is coming correct..

      Then i moved this RDF to server and tried. Where both are coming but second one is not proper.
      Second is same as first total Page(Not resetting in every Invoice Repeating Frame).

      I am running this report through URL like
      http://computer_host:port/reports/rwservlet?server=rep_server&report=test.rdf &userid=Schema/password@database&destype=cache&desformat=html

      and desformat=PDF

      Why second one is not working. Anybody faced this issue...

      I've read in Oracle Documentation that Pagination will not work in Websource...
      Is it a websource.....?

      Whether i need to do anything more on this to get the desired output

      Thanks All