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    HTTP 302 Error When Scheduling OEM Report

      I'm trying to schedule a custom report to run out of OEM 11.1 and am receiving the below error. The report displays properly from the OEM console, but seems to get an HTTP 302 error when trying to schedule the report to run, have changed the schedule options from daily, weekly, one-time immediately, one-time later and all generate the same error. Not sure what is causing the HTTP 302 redirect during the report execution, any help is appreciated.

      This is a scheduled report.
      The most recently generated report completed with the following error.
      Error: Unexpected error getting the HTTP response stream while generating report: oracle.sysman.eml.ip.publishJob.HttpConnectionException:Response code:302

      Error Message :302 Moved Temporarily
      This document you requested has moved temporarily.
      It's now at https://<<hostname>>:7799/em/console/logon/logon&#59;jsessionid=6NJRQGKd2NVwNdbpWpVfHlG7vRxnvmn3VW71JdJbtnLyCJt5hyYt!544936836

      Connection: https://<<hostname>>:7799/em/console/home URI:/em/onetime/reports/render?printablePage=true&reportID=C47BD93ACFE176D4E040007F01004FA6&action=save&scheduled=true