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    The connection has failed

      Hi all,

      I met a weird issue.

      If I set the username as VALUEOF(OLAP_USER) in the connecion pool and import Metadata from database ,it will display an error 'The connection has failed'. But I can view data for the physical data.

      If I set the real username in the connection pool, then it's oK.

      Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks
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          Rupesh Shelar
          This issue is fixed. tnsnames.ora file need to exist in the both OBIEE Oracle homes ( C:\Middleware\Oracle_BI1 and C:\Middleware\oracle_common )

          After the installation on my Windows Machine, C:\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\network\admin directory structure was created.

          However for the 2nd Oracle Home (C:\Middleware\oracle_common), the directory structure existed only till C:\Middleware\oracle_common\network. I copied the TNS file to C:\Middleware\oracle_common\network. Now its working
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